What Oil / Lubricant Do I Use?Tech Talk Page


The following advice is intended for Norton Commando & Dominator Motorbikes

Where What How Much Special Comments
Brake Fluid Dot 4 As Required  
Engine In Summer SAE Monograde 50 5 Pints (2.8 Litres) When An External Oil Filter Is Fitted Choose A Detergent Oil, If No External Oil Filter Is Fitted Choose A Non-Detergent Oil
Engine In Winter SAE Monograde 40 5 Pints (2.8 Litres)
Forks SAE 20W 150cc (5 Fluid Ounces) Per Leg Same Amount For Short, Long & Extra Long
Gearbox EP90 0.75 Pints (0.42 Litres) Fill Up To Level Plug, Fill Slowly Over A Period Of 1/2 Hour
Primary Belt Nothing None Runs Dry - Fantastic!
Primary Chain Automatic Transmission Fluid 200cc (7 Fluid Ounces)  
Swinging Arm EP140 As Required  

Page last updated 27/06/07