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REF. 067116 and 067117

 Fitting Instructions

The adjusting screw on the front unit must be fitted on the right hand side of the machine and the rear adjuster on the left hand side.

These Kits still require the use of shim cups (less shims), nylon washers and gaiters, so if these are in poor condition, new ones should be fitted.


 To adjust either unit, when fitted to the machine, loosen one of the ¼” UNF nuts on the through stud.  This will release the adjuster, which should then be fully screwed in, (the abutment with the 2BA grub screw should be left fully tightened at all times).  Now, loosen the adjuster by approximately ½ turn, which will automatically set the gap.  Finally, retighten the ½” UNF nut to 25 ft.lbs. to complete the adjustment.


When fitting the MK3 adjustable Isolastic Kits 06-7116 and 06-7117 to earlier machines, a small amount of modification is required to fit the front unit.  The main tube of the front engine mounting plate needs to be shortened (preferably on a lathe to maintain the squareness of side faces), so that ¼” of the tube protrudes from each side of the engine mounting tube; thus:-

Drawing – Not To Scale

The rear engine plates require no modification whatsoever to fit this kit.

It is far easier to use kits 066130 and 066131 on earlier machines as no modifications are required.

 Safe Riding. 

 Les Emery

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